Preventive Maintenance Inspection

We are pleased to offer an industry leading preventive maintenance inspection

We Service All Makes!

We Service; Balers, Shredders / Hogs, Spark Detection Systems, High Pressure Systems

A Wide Variety of Service Parts

We stock a wide variety of service parts are Ducting, Elbows, Filter Bags, Angle, Rings, Wipers, Hog Teeth, Bearings, Sheaves

Our Service

MacDonald Steel is pleased to offer industry leading preventive maintenance inspection. Our trained service personnel will do a comprehensive inspection and provide a written report on their findings.
For example, when we provide fume exhauster installation or a dust collector for sandblasting or large round metal ducting, we also offer detailed preventative maintenance.

To arrange an appointment, contact:

Kelly McGill

Phone: 519-620-0400 ext 3281
Fax: 519-621-4995