Spark Equipment

Spark Detection

600 600 ESI

Leak Detection/Spark Detection

MacDonald Steel is pleased to offer high quality spark detection equipment. Our team will size and install the correct size to meet your systems needs.

  • Minimize personal injuries
  • Minimize property damage
  • Ensure meeting NFPA or local regulations
  • Track spark occurrences to prevent problems

Spark detection and extinguishing systems have proven invaluable in hundreds of applications across North America, preventing fires and explosions that once wreaked havoc in the wood processing industry.

Today, spark detection is at work in some of the most potentially volatile applications imaginable, including fiberboard, furniture, particleboard, plywood, wafer, flake, OSB, and hardboard plants just to name a few. Spark detectors use electronic photodiodes to sense the smallest spark in a duct.

Abort Gates

600 600 ESI

Abort Gates

MacDonald Steel HiSpeed abort gates are an important part of any duct fire/explosion control system or leak detection/spark detection system.

When installed in ducting ahead of the inlet to filter baghouses, cyclones, or return air to buildings, explosion venting is provided by affectively redirecting sparks or flame to the atmosphere, away from personnel and/or equipment.

The gate release mechanism holds the diverting door in the normal operating position. An electrical signal from separate spark detecting equipment activates the Magna-Latch, thus releasing the spring-loaded gate to abort the airstream to atmosphere.

  • Sizes from 4″ to 60″ diameter
  • Limit switch provided for blade position indication
  • Visual blade position indicator
  • Heavy duty all-welded steel construction
  • Flanged housing construction
  • Can be outfitted with custom chuting or ducting
  • Choice of primer and enamel colour
  • All units tested before shipping


Please contact us for more information on abort gates and other leak detection/spark detection equipment.