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Grinder / Briquette Machines

600 600 ESI

Grinder / Briquette Machines

Reinbold Entsorgungstechnik GmbH has been producing shredding and briquetting technology for a wide variety of tasks in the wood, plastics and recycling industries for more than 25 years.

Their extensive range of machines includes:
Single-shaft shredders, four-shaft shredders, horizontal shredders,
briquetting presses ,  and conveyor technology, as well as spare parts/wearing parts and accessories for almost all conventional shredding machines and briquetting presses.

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AZR 600 - AZR 2000 Gigant
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AZR 800 SK - AZR 2000 SK/GK
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AZR 60 Primus
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RB 400 RS - RB 600 RS
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Ecogate blast gate


1024 846 ESI


Ecogate’s patented system saves customers 68% on their dust collection system electricity costs on average.

This is done by monitoring and understanding what your machines are doing at all times, and adjusting the ventilation system so that it perfectly matches your needs in realtime.

Ecogate sensor
Ecogate blast gate

A sensor is attached to each workstation. When a workstation is in use, its sensor reports this to the greenBOX control unit. The greenBOX opens blast gates to active workstations, and closes blast gates to inactive ones. The reduced air volume requirements let the Power Master Variable Frequency Driver slow down the system fan, which decreases the fan’s power consumption.

  • Lower electricity use
  • Capital Expense Avoidance
  • Analytics
  • Measure & maintain transport velocities
  • Reduced noise
  • Reduced maintenance, increased filter life

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Turnkey Systems

282 280 ESI

Turnkey Systems

Our turnkey systems have many applications. We provide quality ducting systems design in Canada and MDF dust collection/air emission systems.
We have extensive experience installing turnkey systems for:

  • WaferBoard
  • OSB
  • Particle Board
  • Plywood
  • Hardwood
  • Secondary Wood Industry
  • Corrugated Box Board
  • Folding Carton
  • Paper Trim Applications
  • Saw Mills
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • MDF

We are proud of serving the wood and paper industry since the 1950’s. From our humble origins in a small workshop, we have grown into a modern 210 000 sq. ft. facility.
In addition to wood and paper, we also supply equipment to the mining and automotive industries.

Ducting Systems Design in Canada

We design, install, manufacture and service quality ducting systems.

Heavy Oil Cyclones

We design, install, manufacture and service quality heavy oil cyclones.

MDF Dust Collection/Air Emission Systems

We design, install, manufacture and service quality dust collectors/filters.
Please contact us for more information on our turnkey systems, including our ducting systems design in Canada, heavy oil cyclones, and MDF dust collection/air emission systems.


627 598 ESI


The MacDonald Steel Hydraulic Baler can take scrap materials, and convert them into a revenue producing item by compacting them into a manageable package in the course of your daily operations. We offer balers for many applications, including shredded paper balers and corrugated balers.

The MacDonald Steel Baler transforms what may have been considered garbage into a readily marketable commodity.

Shredded Paper Balers

Industry users include:

  • small to midsize printers
  • paper mills
  • paper converters
  • business envelope manufacturing plants
  • smaller folding carton plants

Corrugated Balers

Industry users include:

  • corrugated sheet plants
  • smaller corrugated box plants

Other Balers

Industry users include:

  • light gauge plastic & foil converters

Please contact us for more information on our balers, including our shredded paper balers and corrugated balers.

Wood Chipper Shredders

600 600 ESI
Wood Chipper Shredders

Wood Chipper Shredders

Our shredders are built to last. We are high quality wood chipper manufacturers and have received excellent ratings in chipper shredder comparisons.

The MacDonald Steel Mini-Shredder is employed to accept trim waste on a continuous basis from an air-conveyor or belt conveyor or on an intermittent basis as a floor sweep for general clean-up, and reduce the scrap in size for more convenient handling and to improve the baling characteristics of the scrap.

The scrap material is reduced into small pieces in the shredding section consisting of a series of fixed teeth on a rotating arbor which pass through a fixed grating. A V-belt drive is used to run the shredder.

The shredder is statically and dynamically balanced. The arbor shaft is supported by oversized, self-aligning mount bearings. The drive is fully-guarded. A bolted cover provides access to the arbor.

The MacDonald Steel Shredder is employed to reduce scrap in size for more convenient handling and to improve the scraps baling characteristics. The Shredder is constructed of heavy structural members and is all-welded construction.


High Quality Wood Chipper Manufacturers

We are high quality wood chipper manufacturers and have served the wood industry since the 1950’s.

Chipper Shredder Comparisons

Please contact us for more information on chipper shredder comparisons.

Paper Shredders

624 600 ESI

Paper Shredders

MacDonald Steel offers two models of high quality, heavy duty paper shredders .

MacDonald Steel Mini paper shredders are designed to reduce the size of trim and manually fed waste. They are a heavy duty design and all welded steel construction.

MacDonald Steel Pinch Belt shredders are designed to shred whole sheets of corrugated cardboard. The size of these machines can be customized to the customer’s requirements.

Please contact us for information about our paper shredders.

Spark Equipment

636 600 ESI

Recommended Equipment As Per NFPA

MacDonald Steel offers a full line of NFPA recommended equipment, including spark detection systems.

  • Abort Gates
  • Spark Detection
  • Explosion Doors
  • Deluge Systems
  • Fire Dampers
  • Inlet Dampeners
  • Heavies Traps
  • Fire Extinguisher Systems
  • Sand Paper Traps

Leak Detection/Spark Detection

Please contact us for more our spark detection systems and other NFPA recommended equipment.

System Components

600 600 ESI

Pneumatic System Components

Do you want to purchase vent ducting/fan ducting? Do you want to install system components for loading chutes/hogs? Do you need large round metal ducting?

MacDonald Steel offers a full line of components for a complete pneumatic system. We offer:


Loading Chutes/Hogs

We stock a variety of system components for loading chutes/hogs.

MacDonald Steel Reverse Taper load chutes are designed to be used with our rotary air locks. They are used to convey material from the collector/filter unit’s lower cone to the rotary air lock.

Vent Ducting/Fan Ducting

MacDonald Steel Rectangular Air Return ducting will reduce heating costs in the winter months and conditioned air in the summer by returning the air back to the building.

An optional air diverter, which is either manual winch operated, or electric actuator type, is available to divert the air to atmosphere in the summer months to allow for good circulation of air in the building when required.

Our Large Round Metal Ducting

We offer high quality large round metal ducting.

Please contact us for more information on loading chutes/hogs, vent ducting/fan ducting and large round metal ducting for your pneumatic system.

Fans & Blowers

615 600 ESI

Industrial Exhaust Fans & Blowers

MacDonald Steel manufactures, installs and services our own line of fans. We offer two types of air handling fans, and three types of material handling fans.

We offer two types of air handling fans. One a standard type and the other a high efficiency backward curve deign. The sizes range from 1500 to 160 000 cfm, standard designs of up to 36″ of water.

We also carry three material handling fans, our Hogger Type for heavy material loads or large pieces of waste in the air stream. The Hogger Type is capable of chopping up long pieces of paper in the air stream. We also offer two high efficiency material handling fans designed for moderate material loadings in the air stream The sizes range from 1200 to 160 000 cfm, standard designs of up to 36″ of water.
We offer several options including, spark resistant fans, temperature sensors and motion sensors.

We also offer superior custom exhaust fan design in Canada.

Exhaust Fan Design in Canada

MacDonald Steel designs, manufactures, install’s and services its own fans.

Standards Features on All Types of Fans

They are built to last. Our state of the art facilities include the latest fabrication and machining equipment to assure a high quality product.

  • Totally enclosed motors
  • High efficiency motors
  • Drives
  • Drive guard
  • Adjustable motor base
  • Dynamically balanced
  • Access door in the scroll
  • SKF heavy duty bearings

Industrial Exhaust Fans - Corrosion Resistant

SKF bearings are standard equipment making MacDonald Steel fans a superior product. Our fans are manufactured of heavy plate steel and are continuously welded for extended wear and long life.

Cyclones and Blowers - Designs

We build a custom pneumatic system using our heavy-duty cyclones and blowers. Designs are available for a variety of industrial applications.

Please contact us for information on our exhaust fan design in Canada. Learn about our industrial exhaust fanscorrosion resistant and more!


600 600 ESI

Cyclone-Unit-Only Dust Collectors

We design and build our own cyclones.
Our cyclone-unit-only dust collectors meet the highest standards. We install and service cyclone-design high dust collection systems for a variety of applications. Our woodworking cyclone dust collectors deliver high quality air filtration.



  • Sizes from 930 cfm to 42 000 cfm
  • Heavy gauge construction
  • Optional wear resistant plate
  • One piece all-welded steel construction

Cyclone-Design High Dust Collection Systems

The MacDonald Steel Type “HE” (High Efficiency) cyclone/separator is intended to handle a range of fine to coarse dust applications, the selection of the specific cyclone is dependant upon particle size and weight, inlet dust concentration, cyclone height and ratio of the separator body and gas outlet diameters. Generally, efficiency decreases with increasing gas viscosity or density, separator, body diameter, gas outlet diameter and gas inlet area.

MacDonald Steel Type “HE” cyclones/separators feature small diameters and elongated cylinder and cone lengths. The dust particles are separated from the conveying gas by a combination of centrifugal and gravitational forces.

Our cyclone/separator can also be provided with a wear liner on the inlet to reduce body wear when very abrasive materials are being conveyed. All of our liners are made of CHT-100 abrasion resistant material. We also provide a cleanout in the lower cone of each of our cyclones.

MacDonald Steel cyclone/separators are also available with structural support, safety ladders and platforms when purchased as a complete package.

Woodworking Cyclone Dust Collectors

We have served the wood industry since the 1950’s.

Please contact us for information about our cyclone-unit-only dust collectors, including our woodworking cyclone dust collectors. We manufacture and install our cyclone- design high dust collection systems for many applications.

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