System Components

Pneumatic System Components

Do you want to purchase vent ducting/fan ducting? Do you want to install system components for loading chutes/hogs? Do you need large round metal ducting?

MacDonald Steel offers a full line of components for a complete pneumatic system. We offer:


Loading Chutes/Hogs

We stock a variety of system components for loading chutes/hogs.

MacDonald Steel Reverse Taper load chutes are designed to be used with our rotary air locks. They are used to convey material from the collector/filter unit’s lower cone to the rotary air lock.

Vent Ducting/Fan Ducting

MacDonald Steel Rectangular Air Return ducting will reduce heating costs in the winter months and conditioned air in the summer by returning the air back to the building.

An optional air diverter, which is either manual winch operated, or electric actuator type, is available to divert the air to atmosphere in the summer months to allow for good circulation of air in the building when required.

Our Large Round Metal Ducting

We offer high quality large round metal ducting.

Please contact us for more information on loading chutes/hogs, vent ducting/fan ducting and large round metal ducting for your pneumatic system.