Reverse Air Filters

Reverse Air Custom Pneumatic System

The Reverse Air pneumatic system filter in Canada is ideal for a custom pneumatic system. It delivers dust filtration during blasting, woodworking and other industrial processes. Our Reverse Air filter is excellent as a blasting dust collector.


Reverse Air Pneumatic System Filter

  • Up to 130 000 cfm

The MacDonald Steel Reverse Air collector filter unit is of panel construction for bolted assembly. Dust laden air enters the separator section below the filter bags, passes through the filter media with dust being captured and deposited on the outside of the individual filter tubes.

The clean air progresses upward through the filter tubes into the clean air plenum and is exhausted through the outlet. The filter bags are continuously cleaned using an internally mounted blower.

  • High efficiency motors
  • Access doors to clean air section
  • Fire damper on return air outlet
  • Pressure switch to allow for cleaning
  • Aquastat thermal control
  • Easy access to filter bags
  • Internally mounted blower and plenum
  • Access door in lower cone
  • Filter media and filter cages
  • Blower and Plenum assembly

Bag Size                            3.5” x 8” oval
Bag Length                      4-12 ft
Bag Material                   T-100 or T-150 Polyester
Plenum Motor                0.5 HP High Efficiency
Plenum Reducer            1 to 3 HP High Efficiency
Internal Blower              New York Blower Co.
Bearings                           High Efficiency Dodge SC-4o.