Pulse Air Systems

Pulse Air Custom Pneumatic System in Canada

The Pulse Air pneumatic system filter is ideal for a custom pneumatic system in Canada. It delivers dust filtration during blasting, woodworking and other industrial processes. Our Pulse Air filter is excellent as a blasting dust collector.


Pulse Air Pneumatic System Filter

  • Up to 130 000 cfm

The MacDonald Steel Pulse Air collector/filter system is a cleaning cycle is controlled by a solid state printed circuit timer which progressively energizes the air valves to admit sharp bursts of compressed air through the individual compressed air headers located in the clean air plenum.

Orifices located in the individual headers direct the compressed air downwards into the filter tubes. This sets up a shock wave, flexing the filter tube and dislodging the dust particles that have been captured on the outside of the bags. This collected dust then drops into the cone below.

The cleaning cycle is continuous and automatic. Pulsations occur with the fan(s) running and without the need for dampers or secondary blowers.


  • Total enclosed fan cooled HE motors
  • Access doors to primary separation/filtration section
  • Safety hoop access ladder
  • Structural support frame
  • Counter-balanced back pressure dampers
  • Fire damper on return-air-line outlet
  • Walk-in bag house
  • Temperature sensor
  • Pre-wired electrical control panel
  • Top bag removal
  • Explosion relief venting
  • Pressure differential gauge

Our Pulse Air Blasting Dust Collector

Please contact us for more information on installing our Pulse Air filter as a blasting dust collector.

A custom pneumatic system with a Pulse Air pneumatic system filter in Canada is suitable for a variety of applications where dust filtration is required.