Mid-Size Pulse Unit

Mid-Size Pulse Jet Dust Collectors

MacDonald Steel is pleased to introduce its mid size pulse collectors.  These units are designed for the small to medium size operation that requires continuous cleaning of their filter under operation.  The 4 unit sizes available have 440, 605, 825 and 984 square feet of filter media.  All units have 5 ¼” dia bags that are 96” long.  The units are made to MacDonald Steel’s high quality standard and designed for over 30” of water pressure.  This high standard will give the units a long service life.


The primary target of this collector is the wood industry, but it also has applications in the cement, food and paper industries.

MacDonald Steel offers a full line of equipment including dust collectors up to 130 000 cfm, fans, bin covers, rotary airlocks, spark detection equipment and cyclones.

Mid-Size Pulse Jet Dust Collectors

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A custom pneumatic system with a Pulse Air pneumatic system filter in Canada is suitable for a variety of applications where dust filtration is required.