Hogger Type Fans

Hogger Type Fans for Custom Pneumatic System

We manufacture Hogger Type fans for a custom pneumatic system. Our Hogger Type industrial box fans meet the highest standards.


  • 1500 to 67,000 cfm
  • 19″ to 73″ wheel diameter
  • Up to 30″ of water

The MacDonald Steel Hogger Type exhauster fans are made of heavy plate construction and are manufactured to our high quality standards. The entire fan case is made from 3/16″ thick HRS. In addition, exhausters No. 14 through 25 have 3/8″ T1 steel blades, while No. 29 and larger exhausters have 1/2″ T1 steel blades. This T1 steel has long been noted for its extreme toughness and abrasive resistance.

The exhauster blade/rotor is statically and dynamically balanced to operate smoothly throughout the rated speed range. There are two SKF pillow block adaptor mounting bearings. These pillow blocks are mounted on an especially heavy pedestal, which is an integral part of the exhauster.

The exhausters are equipped with safety guards and automatic motor bases when supplied as a package in a complete system. The exhausters are driven through a V-belt drive by an electric motor.

Build a Blower for Cyclone Dust Collector

We can build a blower for cyclone dust collector systems.

Please contact us for more information on installing Hogger Type industrial box fans and designing a custom pneumatic system.