High Pressure Systems

Waste Reduction With High Pressure Air

MacDonald Steel High Pressure Blower Systems are used when low pressure systems are unable to convey solid material either due to excessive volume of material or over long distances. The systems provide waste reduction with high pressure air.


High Pressure Blower Packages have many features. Intake filters provide clean air, eliminating the possibility of contaminants entering the blower. Intake and discharge silencers minimize noise pollution. Pressure control panel monitors the operating pressures. High efficiency motor and drives complete the standard package.

MacDonald Steel High Pressure Systems use feeders designed to introduce bulk solids, producing maximum efficiency and economy.

Our unique chevron design reduces rotor end thrust, provides uniform loading and reduced wear. Out board bearings stay cool and clean. Shaft seal packing glands prevent air and material leakage. The T Injector with integral check valve minimizes pressure loss.

Please contact us for more information on our high pressure systems and waste reduction with high pressure air.