Dust Collectors

dust collectors and filters, dust collection, industrial and commercial dust collection systems

Since the 1950’s MacDonald Steel has built a strong reputation on designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing its own duct collectors and filters.

Our dust collection systems are used in many industries. For example, we design, manufacture, install and service paper scrap collectors, sand blasting filters and woodworking cyclone/dust collectors.

You can find our products in large board plants, small furniture manufactures, industrial settings and paper product manufactures

We have six types of filters:

Sizes Range around 12 000 cfm

Sizes Range from 3000 to 100 000 cfm

Sizes Range from 4000 to 130 000 cfm

Sizes Range from 4000 to 140 000 cfm

Sizes Range from 4000 to 10 000 cfm

Sizes to suit

All of our collectors are made of heavy gauge steel and where possible on piece construction for quick onsite setup. All units consist of an integral separator section where the waste is separated from the conveying air and directed to abaler, surge bin, storage area or other process equipment and a filtration section which is designed to filter dust from the conveying air before it is returned back to the plant thereby conserving energy through the reclamation of heated/conditioned air.