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The MacDonald Steel Air Diverter unit is designed for use in the clean air return duct of a filter system, to direct clean air either to the atmosphere or return it to the building to save heat in the winter months. Our diverters can be equipped with leak detection/spark detection.

The modular design and square, symmetric flanges of the diverter housing allow the flexibility of mounting in a wide range of orientations.

Standard duct transitions and an assortment of weather hoods are available as well as adapters to mount the diverter directly to the outlet flange of our BC fans.

Custom fittings can also easily be fabricated to suit any customer’s needs.

The Air Diverter unit consists of a rugged steel housing containing a pivot-mounted steel diverter blade which closes off the unused leg of the diverter, directing the clean air to the other leg.

The pivoting mechanism is connected to a shaft which is located and supported on heavy-duty flange-mounted ball bearings, for smooth operation.

Each size of Air Diverter is available in three versions:

  • manually operated
  • electric-motorized linear screw actuated
  • electric solenoid controlled air cylinder actuated

Leak Detection/Spark Detection

Please contact us for more information on our diverters and our leak detection/spark detection equipment.