Cyclone-Unit-Only Dust Collectors

We design and build our own cyclones.
Our cyclone-unit-only dust collectors meet the highest standards. We install and service cyclone-design high dust collection systems for a variety of applications. Our woodworking cyclone dust collectors deliver high quality air filtration.



  • Sizes from 930 cfm to 42 000 cfm
  • Heavy gauge construction
  • Optional wear resistant plate
  • One piece all-welded steel construction

Cyclone-Design High Dust Collection Systems

The MacDonald Steel Type “HE” (High Efficiency) cyclone/separator is intended to handle a range of fine to coarse dust applications, the selection of the specific cyclone is dependant upon particle size and weight, inlet dust concentration, cyclone height and ratio of the separator body and gas outlet diameters. Generally, efficiency decreases with increasing gas viscosity or density, separator, body diameter, gas outlet diameter and gas inlet area.

MacDonald Steel Type “HE” cyclones/separators feature small diameters and elongated cylinder and cone lengths. The dust particles are separated from the conveying gas by a combination of centrifugal and gravitational forces.

Our cyclone/separator can also be provided with a wear liner on the inlet to reduce body wear when very abrasive materials are being conveyed. All of our liners are made of CHT-100 abrasion resistant material. We also provide a cleanout in the lower cone of each of our cyclones.

MacDonald Steel cyclone/separators are also available with structural support, safety ladders and platforms when purchased as a complete package.

Woodworking Cyclone Dust Collectors

We have served the wood industry since the 1950’s.

Please contact us for information about our cyclone-unit-only dust collectors, including our woodworking cyclone dust collectors. We manufacture and install our cyclone- design high dust collection systems for many applications.