Cartridge Type Filters

Cartridge Filter Collector

To more effectively service the food, pharmaceutical, plastic and manufacturing industry we decided to add a cartridge filter collector to our line of dust collection equipment which compliments our bag and cyclone designs. We wanted a collector that met MacDonald Steel’s high standards in quality, performance, and applicability to many different industries.  After an exhaustive search of the cartridge collector industry, we selected the Farr Air Pollution control equipment to distribute.

Farr Air Pollution Control Equipment is based in Arkansas and owned by the Camfil Farr Group.   Farr specializes in cartridge collectors for industries that require the filtration of fine dust or fumes.  With their advanced cartridges Farr’s filter efficiency is 99.99% on 0.5 micron and larger particles by weight with and Air Permeability of 25-35 cfm/sq.ft. w.c.  With after filtering available you can be certain of the unit meeting your pollution and Health and Safety needs.  In addition all units are manufactured to the latest National Fire Protection codes.

Please contact us for more information on installing cartridge filters.